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Kids photographing Kids

Kids photographing Kids

Most of these photos were taken by the MNS preschoolers. This was one of their last days together, in fall most of them will be in Kindergarten The photos were taken in the beautiful and spacious playyard, it is the biggest playground I have ever seen at a school. Notice how happy the children look, they were taking pictures of each other, and no adult prompted them to “smile for the camera”.

Learning, Exploring and Working Cooperat...

Learning, Exploring and Working Cooperatively with Each Other.

They all are effective learners. Continue to work and expose your kiddos to learning lessons through the summer months. The learning lessons never stop. These little ones are so inquisitive. It is because of your support and love that they continue to blossom. Well done FAMILIES!! Have a wonderful, restful, renewing summer. Thank you for this opportunity to work with you and your kiddos.