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Nacho Night

Join us for our annual Nacho Night
Friday, September 24
6pm at MNS

Enjoy delicious food from MNS family-owned El Super Burrito
while raising money for our school.

Adults: $5
Children (2+): $3
Children under 2: FREE

Bring family and friends!

100% of the ticket price goes toward your fundraising credit for the year.

Pre-K Graduation

This post is a little late… but better late than never.

Enjoy the gallery of Pre-K graduation below.

2010 Pre-K Graduation

And a little video… the kids were so cute as they performed “The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

Thanks to everyone for all the work that went into the celebration!

Pre-K Train Ride Field Trip

We had beautiful weather for our field trip, the kiddos were very excited. We took the train from San Bruno to Burlingame and walked to Washington Park. The playground with monkey bars and big sand-water tables was new and exciting to the children and they really enjoyed their little adventure.

What a fun field trip!

When we wanted to leave the train was almost 15 minutes late and we sat and sang for a while. I also filmed some of the singing, I hope I’ll get around to posting it soon, stay tuned…

See the images in the Flash Gallery below. These galleries do not work on most smart phones – for sure not on the iPhone – in case you use one of these please click here to see many of the photos

Pre-K Train Ride Field Trip May 2010

Click SL to start the slideshow and FS for full-screen.

Learning, Exploring and Working Cooperatively with Each Other.

What a school year it has been. WE started out with 15 boys and less then 5 girls. It was hard to get the kiddos to walk inside much less try to sit at the table. And now the growth in these kiddos, each year it always amazes me. The THREE’S are enjoying extended conversations at circle time, taking turns and playing board games until the game is completed.

Participating at the art table is another area now explored. Story time, predicating the outcome of the stories we read, they have done a wonderful job learning, exploring and working cooperatively with each other.

They all are effective learners. Continue to work and expose your kiddos to learning lessons through the summer months. The learning lessons never stop. These little ones are so inquisitive. It is because of your support and love that they continue to blossom. Well done FAMILIES!! Have a wonderful, restful, renewing summer. Thank you for this opportunity to work with you and your kiddos.

Always, Teacher Brigidan

MNS Train field trip to Washington Park

Today the children, and grown-ups  enjoyed a train ride field trip to Washington Park in Burlingame.  Our 2 & 3 year old class boarded Cal-Train at the San Bruno station, and the kiddos had to make the big decision of sitting upstairs or downstairs.  After settling into our seats, we all were quickly smiling, talking, laughing and singing; much to the amusement of the morning commuters!  We even caught a quick glimpse of Millbrae Nursery school from the train windows as we zoomed by.  At Washington Park we enjoyed a delicious snack of homemade pumpkin muffins, fresh fruit, cheese and juice. We ended our fieldtrip by blowing gallons of bubbles into the air, and sleepily riding the train back to school.

Submitted by Amy Baksheeff

MNS Train Trip 2010

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