Happy Holidays from Millbrae Nursery School

Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah,  Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, 圣诞快乐, EED SA’ED, Joyeux Noel, Happy Kwanzaa, リークリスマス

We all have a way in which we celebrate this season.    It might be getting cozy, staying inside and waiting for spring and new life to arrive.  It may be giving the gift of time to others.  To respect all people and faiths at Millbrae Nursery School, we celebrate the season of light. Whether it is for brightening the dark nights, or light up a menorah or Christmas tree we all bring light into our homes this season.

Celebrate your culture and the excitement of the winter festivities. Share with us and each other how you celebrate in your homes.

The children can feel the excitement in the air, and it’s hard to contain.  I hope you catch their joy and excitement.

Wishing you  PEACE, JOY, LOVE  and LAUGHTER this holiday season.

Always,  Teacher Brigidan

Directors Notes for the New School Year

Welcome to Millbrae Nursery School.

Thank you for choosing Millbrae Nursery School for your child and family. There was a fantastic attendance at the Orientation. If you happened to miss that meeting please check in with your teacher. As a cooperative preschool we rely on the support of our families to ensure a successful school year. Each of us, Staff and Parents have a very important ROLE in making that happen. Working together and supporting each other is how it all comes together. Our goal as Staff and Board is to continually work at developing that partnership with you and your child. The County Office of Education has added a very easy home and school participation component to build a connection and extension of the learning that happen all of the time.

I believe Millbrae Nursery School offers you the best learning environment for children.

I hope you will create many wonderful experiences and memories here.

Welcome to MNS.

Director/Teacher Brigidan

Director’s Notes – October

ANOTHER AMAZING NACHO NIGHT!! Millbrae Nursery School was full of families and friend and the food delicious. Thank you to Sandra and Franco Alcantar from El Super Burrito they worked so hard, and their helpers
* Katie * Fanny * Maria P. * Manar * Mirna * Sonia * Teacher Norma * and all who attended; it was a very successful night.
As I have told you the teachers are currently taking workshops; classes to enrich ourselves and our program.  We are looking for your support to help implement these techniques with your child and all of the kiddos that we serve.   Social Emotional Learning.   Here is how you can help…..adults need to build meaningful positive relationships with the children.  Have conversations with the children on your workday; ask what they like, what they don’t like, etc…  It is essential to gain an understanding of each child’s interests and culture.  All young children seek positive attention, but if challenging behavior is the only way to draw your attention…. Guess what… that challenging behavior is what you will see.
Our relationships are built on trust.  We the adults need to help build that trust.

Our school year is coming to an end.

Our school year is coming to an end. There has been so much growth in these kiddos! We, the Staff, have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch their growth.

The teachers are very busy finishing up their work for the school year and we/I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our families for their commitment to our school and your child’s first educational experience. It is because of your work that we are able to continue striving to be a great program.

It is always hard to say goodbye; sadly, a few board members will be graduating out of our school and off to Elementary. I would like to thank them for the work that they have done.

Deborah Hesse – Purchaser and caregiver to our rabbits and chicken. She has kept our pantry well stocked and has been devoted to the care of our animals!

Jennifer Hoskins – Financial Clerk: She kept our extended care billing in great order, and has worked at all of our fundraising events.

Sherry Scardino – Fundraising Chair: managed our many fundraising events, most recently the Silent Auction. It was a successful and fun evening.

Susan Miranda– Publicity; posted and organized our newsletter and social events to help keep you informed.

Thelma Hernandez– Secretary: Kept the minutes for our board and business meetings.

Katarine Amaral-Carneiro– Housekeeping; she kept our school looking clean and fresh. Helping to preserve a clean place for our children to learn.

Juan Becerra– Maintenance: He has kept our school safe and repaired. Keeping our school a safe place for our children to play.

They all have done an amazing job. The Staff, Board members and I thank you!

We couldn’t have done it with out your commitment.


I hope all of you have an opportunity to come back and visit us. We love to hear about the new changes in your life.

Always, Teacher Brigidan

Our Annual Silent Auction is just days away!

Our Annual Silent Auction is just days away!

Being held next week, Saturday April 24th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
This is just a reminder to all who are interested in attending, please let us know you are coming so we can plan for the event. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door
Babysitting, $20 per child or 3 children for $50 for those who did not received free babysitting.

Please be sure to lend a helping hand if you see one is needed. Thank you in advance to everyone who has taken on a little extra work to make this event a success.

Please contact Sherry Scardino is you have an item to donate to the auction.

Don’t forget to help make your class basket a “hot item” to buy, you can do this by donating items or money for your class theme.

Thank you.

Warm Regards,


(Location Details and the Pre-K’s silk painting for the silent auction)

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