Due to Covid-19 some restictions apply.  The obligations for all families are as follows:

Workdays:  (1) One 3.5 hour workday per week  Restricted at this time
Maintenance:  6 hours per year (one 6 hour Saturday morning)
Fundraising: $900 required per family; Half due by January.
Service Hours:  Service at 1 fundraising event (bingo, casino, crab feed, etc.)
Parent Membership Meeting:  4 per year – attendance is mandatory. Typically, 2nd Tuesday of scheduled months.
Parent Education Meeting (monthly): Brief 30-45 minute meeting after classroom workday with a teacher.
Snack: 4 times per year (August – June), for the entire class. Enough for 40 children
Requirements: carb/protein main snack, plus veggie or fruit, and drink (milk 1% or non-fat preferred, 100% frozen concentrate juice).         Parents forget the drink 70% of the time. No nut products allowed.
Participation: Participate in operation of school by joining the  board or taking on a job from the Job List MNS
Calendar Activity: Plan one activity per year which involves the whole class (i.e. cooking project, art project, group time event, field trip, etc.)

Buyout:   If you do not wish to participate in one or more of the co-op obligations please add to your monthly tuition the following buyout fee each month: All obligations must be completed by May 1st.

Workdays:  $75 per workday or $300 per month

Maintenance:   $60 per month

Fundraising:    $100 per month (10 per year)

Service Hours:   $100 per hour

Snack:    $50 per snack or $20 per month

Job: Unfulfilled preschool job will result in a $500 fee. non-refund of obligation deposits.

Non-Participation buyout (includes workdays, maintenance, fundraising & snacks) $540 per month added to your monthly tuition.

 Mandatory Participation:

  • Parent Membership Meetings (4 per year):  Parent Meetings pertain to child development, education or school topics.  $50 fee for missed member meetings.
  • Parent Education (monthly):  Brief 30-45 minute meeting after your workday or by schedule
  • Job Participation or Board Position:  Choose a job that helps the operation of the school
  • Activity: Supply & facilitate creative activity for class (art project, cooking activity, gross motor skills activity, music)

FAQ’s & Fine Print