IMG_7760We are a cooperative preschool, which means that the school is owned and operated by the current families enrolled at MNS. A large part of being in a cooperative is being active within the school community and there are many ways for parents and families to do that at MNS, some of them are required and some are voluntary.

Our families have a responsibility and obligation for maintaining the school and being attentive guardians for the school’s future. While the MNS staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school, the members are the ones who set the tone for the school and determine the direction in which the school will go.

Beyond the requirements of co-op membership, participation in a cooperative school means becoming a part of a community. Lasting friendships happen inside the walls of our little red school, and not just between the children. Our parents and teachers are a network of support and camaraderie to rely on and look to for advice, solace, and assistance.

Millbrae Nursery School is a member of the PACE and is affiliated with the San Mateo County Office of Education .  The Council and County Office of Education connects the school to other early learning centers and co-ops and provides information and resources for our parents, teachers, and director.