Teacher – 2-3 year-old class

I started with Millbrae Nursery School 10 years ago as a co-op parent. I enjoyed it so much that I began to work more days as a teacher’s aide. Millbrae Nursery School inspired me to go back to school and further my education in Early Childhood Development.  This year will be my fourth year as a full time teacher for the 2-3 year old class.

Millbrae Nursery School, has allowed my 3 school aged children to grow and learn, while giving me the chance to watch and participate in their development. Each and every day the children teach me something which helps me better understand the children I work with as well as my own children. A benefit of the co-op is the relationships made here with the parents and families; a community of ideas, cultural values, and parenting skills. I continue to enhance my abilities by attending workshops, parent meetings, and ECE (Early Childhood Education) classes while I work towards my degree at Cañada College.

As a Mom and a Teacher, I have a love and respect for all children, and that is why I chose to be a teacher. Our playground and classroom has been the site of many children’s first school experiences. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of that experience. Actively participating in your children’s education is unique and fulfilling. Watching their happiness, excitement, and amazement as they develop reminds me again and again why I love my job!