Director & Pre-K Teacher
My name is Brigidan Bogni-Rodriguez. I have worked with children for over 30 years in the public and private sector. Working with children has been my joy and passion.

After having three children of my own, I enrolled and became active in a cooperative preschool with my girls. I enjoyed taking an active role in their first school experience and in being a school board member. While participating in our school, I quickly became aware of the education that took place not only with the kiddos, but with the parents as well. It was a lot of work, but it was also a fantastic experience. The bonds and relationships that we made during our first school experience still continue today, 21 years later. Prior to coming to Millbrae Nursery School, I was Director of a cooperative preschool for 10 years.

I currently hold a permit as Site Supervisor in Early Childhood Education. To remain current with the latest techniques and information in early Childhood Education, I participate and attend classes, workshops and read articles about all the latest studies taking place.

Working with young children and their families is very rewarding. I have chosen to work in a cooperative school environment because I believe that it is important to be active in your child’s education. It is a great opportunity to educate the whole family. Both the kiddos and the parents can have a wonderful school experience.