Hi everyone, At the beginning of each school year, we pass out an amazon magnet showing how we can help the school raises fund by shopping at amazon.

Here is the reminder of how you can set this up:

(1) Instead of logging into http://www.amazon.com/, please visit http://smile.amazon.com/ccmtblv2

(2) you should receive the following message once you get to the Smile Amazon site: Inline image 1

​(3) ​Type “Millbrae Nursery School” under the box “pick your own charitable organization” After that, you are all set! Amazon will contribute 0.5% of eligible purchase to the school.

The only thing is, from now on, when you make purchase at amazon, you should log into https://smile.amazon.com/ instead of the regular amazon link. The feature is the same between the two and you will still receive your prime membership benefit (if you have one). Every little bit counts to help the school and to benefit our kids. It is fast and easy to set this up, and you can always change the charity later on if you prefer. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. Thanks so much!!