The PRE-K  TRIP HAS BEEN REscheduled, the new date is Thursday, OCTOBER 27th . …

Our annual field trips to Farmer John’s in Half Moon Bay are happening (Oct. 27th for Pre-K) and  (Oct. 12 for morning classes)! This is the 3rd year that Millbrae Nursery School has visited Farmer John’s … and that’s quite an honor, because schools must be invited back by the farm.

We love visiting Farmer John’s, which is not a bouncy-castle/train-ride/haunted-house/get-your-tickets kind of pumpkin patch, but rather a working farm that educates our kids (and us) about the growing cycle. There are always several extraordinary gourds to look at, and a stunning variety of pumpkins. Farmer John and his wife, Eda, treat our classes with respect, and we must reciprocate. Please take a moment to look at the Farmer John’s 2011 Guidelines in advance of the field trip.


  • NO CELLPHONES! If you must have a phone with you (work, another child, etc.), please keep it in your pocket on vibrate, and step away from the group to take emergency calls only.
  • No jumping, climbing or standing on pumpkins, teepee or hay pyramid.
  • Pumpkins have needle-like prickles on the stems, so for everyone’s safety and to prevent the pumpkin stem from snapping off, pick up pumpkins from the bottom.
  • Clean up ALL trash!
  • When Farmer John, Eda, or any other educator is speaking, please help the kiddos to sit and listen quietly. There are always opportunities to participate, and to ask and answer questions.
    PARENTS: Please don’t treat this as an opportunity to socialize. We all need to demonstrate respect for the speakers as a model for our kids.

The $8-per-child fee includes a hayride, time in the teepee, teaching session, the opportunity to actually pick a pumpkin in the patch (medium-sized pumpkin included with fee), and the chance to see GIANT pumpkins and some other very special varieties. MNS will also provide a snack during our trip.

Please be at school NO LATER than 12:15pm. If you are late coming to school, please meet us at the pumpkin patch. Our classes will arrive at the farm by 1:30pm.

2-3y & 3-4y CLASSES

Please be at school NO LATER than 8:45am. If you are late coming to school, please meet us at the pumpkin patch. Our classes will arrive at the farm by 10:00am.


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