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"How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?"

Register with MNS Class Activation Code H2MK8

It’s Scholastic Book Club ordering time! In addition to receiving a catalog and paper order form in your family file this week from Nicole Termani Germain, you can also place orders online. Ordering your books online gives both you and MNS benefits, including:

* LARGER SELECTION: Choose from thousands of titles, with more detailed product information than the printed flyer.
* EXCLUSIVE ONLINE-ONLY OFFERS: Enjoy discounts on top of Scholastic’s low prices.
* and…every time a parent places an order online, MNS receives a FREE BOOK for our classrooms!

Get started by registering on the Scholastic website, and make sure you enter Class Activation Code H2MK8 in the second part of the registration. This ensures that the books are delivered to you at MNS, and that we receive credit for your order.