Millbrae Nursery School is owned and operated by its member parents.  As a co-op we rely on the willingness of our membership community to participate in order to ensure the successful operation and growth of our school.   Members in good standing contribute regularly in the classroom, help maintain the school, adhere to the bylaws and rules and pay tuition on time.

  • Summer school is 9 a.m. to 12 noon
  • Parents/Family member work as assistants to the teaching staff on assigned  participation day (1 time per week, 9a.m. – noon).  Each member that participates in  the classroom must be in good health, over 18 years of age and with a verification of freedom from tuberculosis.
  • It is important to be on time for your workday, be 5 – 10 min. early if possible.

If late, please call and please do not take your classroom break.

  • Please accompany your child in and out of the classroom each day.  Your child must be  signed in and out whenever he/she is in attendance at school.  The time and your signature are required.  The sign in/out sheet will be located inside of the classroom.
  • Upon arriving at school parents are asked to take their child to the bathroom to wash their (both parent & child) hands.
  • Children are not allowed to go through the double doors unless accompanied by an adult to go home or in the kitchen except for an injury or putting an egg in the  kitchen. Please supervise the doors carefully whether or not you are a working parent.
  • If you or your child are ill and will miss your scheduled workday, you must call someone  from your class roster and hire them to replace you.  If you hire another parent to do your workday, you must pay them directly.  The fee is $50 per workday.
  • A shoebox with a change of clothes is needed at school and will be kept in the children’s bathroom.  Do try to check it regularly.  Include diapers and wipes if your  child needs them.  We ask that you bring in a large container of wipes to be used for changes.  The containers will be stored under the sink and we will use one container at  a time.  Bottles and pacifiers should be left at home for health and safety reasons.   Please mark your child’s clothing with their name to help the working adults keep track  of jackets & clothing.
  • Always inform the teacher of all injuries no matter the severity.  All blood injuries will be dealt with by the teacher.
  • General rules for inside and outside are posted throughout the class.  Please refer to them or ask the teacher if you are not sure.
  • Snack Time – Adults need to sit down at the table with the children.  Once all children are seated, begin to pass the utensils and then the food.  Remind children to use table manners.  Please have a positive attitude when children are unsure of the snack, you    may try the snack to help with encouragement.  Be aware of Allergic Children and their food allergies.  We are a “NO NUT &/or  STRAWBERRY” facility.


  • When outside, if assigned the horse swing area, children may never be left unattended. Please keep the gate shut and children may wait their turn on the other side of the gate (by the tree) away from the swings.   Horse swing parent is the last parent to come in from the yard; they must do a complete sweep of the yard making sure that all  children are inside. Please check the fort, tunnels, playhouse, and any possible hiding places before going inside and closing the doors.


  • Help the children follow the arrows when riding bikes/trikes and scooters to avoid crashes.  Remind them to park their bicycles when finished using them.


  • If a child needs to use the restroom please walk the child into the class and notify the adult inside to help them and/or watch them while you return to the yard.  Please inform other outside parents when you are leaving your area so they can help supervise when you are not there.


  • The loft area is opened by the teacher and is a quiet space.  Only 5(five) children are allowed up at a time with an adult.   There are no throwing objects down from the loft.
  • Extended care is available for any child enrolled in or has been enrolled in a regular Millbrae Nursery School class (basic three hour class or Pre-K class) who require care   either before or after class.  It is offered to those who request it from the teacher if space is available.  The teacher must be verbally notified in advance that you are   requesting extended care. Children in extended care must be signed in and out of the school each day and the teacher must be notified of the child’s arrival.
  • Extended care is available from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday,   at the rate of $10/12 per hour.  Students may use extended care if they are 6(six) and under.  They must be enrolled or have been enrolled in Millbrae Nursery School. This must be approved by the teacher.


  • A charge of $10 per each 15 minute or portion thereof beyond the 12:30 p.m. close of school will be assessed and needs to be paid directly to the teacher at the time of the tardiness. Abuse of extended care may result in losing the ability to use the service.


If at any time you have questions, please talk with your child’s teacher, a staff member or a board member.  We hope you will have a rewarding experience at Millbrae Nursery School.