Dear Fellow MNS Parents who have Facebook Accounts:

So that I may secure a username such as “mns” to easily promote our presence on Facebook with a short URL (like “” ) that can be used at our MNS website and other locations,  I need at least 25 people with FB accounts to visit and “Like” the following pages that have been created for MNS:

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to drop those long numbers?  – that’s what obtaining at least 25 fans will do for us.

Please assist me in finding MNS members and MNS Alumni with FB accounts to visit these pages (via FB Suggest mechanism or by any other means).  Through the use of Facebook, we might be able to more easily find Alumni for whom we can not only involve in the participation or planning of our 75th Anniversary Celebration, but also invite to other MNS events, such our upcoming Silent Auction Gala.

Please check out the Discussion section of the MNS Alumni Families page.  Topics titled Class Year (yes, one for all 75 years) have been started so friends from the same year can find it a place to reconnect, reminisce, and help organize stories for the 75th Anniversary Celebration.

We hope all this will benefit our MNS community ties, and in doing so potentially create more interesting and meaningful reunion opportunities at our bigger fundraisers for all families, not only ones that are currently members of our school, but past ones as well.

Any questions, suggestions?  Have an Alumni contact to suggest?  Want to join the Alumni Relations Committee or 75th Anniversary Planning Committee?  Please email me at or call me at 970-618-4458.

Lily Harvey