Our Scholastic Book Coordinators have a few tips to foster a book-lover:

Start Young-  Even the youngest child can look at the pictures, turn the pages and expand their vocabulary when you read to them often.

-Read Often-Books at bedtime are great but why wait for then??  Keep books in the car for those long car rides.  Have a quiet, well-lit place where you and your child can comfortably read together, or where they can have a little quiet alone time to persue the books themselves.  We have a “cozy corner” in the bedroom and you can often find my daughter there “reading” to her dolls.

Visit the Scholastic Book Fair !!!!-   Getting new books is so exciting for kids, especially when they get to pick them out!  We will be hosting the Scholastic Book Fair starting Friday Nov. 12th, with a special OPEN HOUSE on Saturday, the 13th of NOV.  There will be lots of great books for all ages and if you are not familiar with scholastic prices you will be amazed at the bargains!!

We hope to see you at the book fair.   Thank for your support and Happy Reading,         Jenny & Nicole