Dylan is afraid of spiders. Aidan cries almost every morning about not wanting to go to school without me. We’ve been trying for a while to “convince” them they need not fear these things. But now I’m realizing I can’t. I can no easier convince Dylan that he shouldn’t be afraid of the dark than I can convince myself everything is totally fine when I’m having a panic attack.
In fact I’m thinking it’s actually a GOOD thing my kids can’t be easily persuaded to change their minds/feelings. It might be frustrating now when I’m trying to get Aidan in the car for school and he’s sitting on the driveway crying because he doesn’t want to go. But when he’s a teenager and someone tries to convince him to it’s okay to vandalize a car or steal from a store, I’m counting on him standing by his strength of character and what he feels is right.
I’m reminded I need to completely embrace EVERY aspect of my children, even those that on the surface seem frustrating or annoying. It is sometimes these very personality traits that will serve them well in the future.
Happy Fall to everyone!