ANOTHER AMAZING NACHO NIGHT!! Millbrae Nursery School was full of families and friend and the food delicious. Thank you to Sandra and Franco Alcantar from El Super Burrito they worked so hard, and their helpers
* Katie * Fanny * Maria P. * Manar * Mirna * Sonia * Teacher Norma * and all who attended; it was a very successful night.
As I have told you the teachers are currently taking workshops; classes to enrich ourselves and our program.  We are looking for your support to help implement these techniques with your child and all of the kiddos that we serve.   Social Emotional Learning.   Here is how you can help…..adults need to build meaningful positive relationships with the children.  Have conversations with the children on your workday; ask what they like, what they don’t like, etc…  It is essential to gain an understanding of each child’s interests and culture.  All young children seek positive attention, but if challenging behavior is the only way to draw your attention…. Guess what… that challenging behavior is what you will see.
Our relationships are built on trust.  We the adults need to help build that trust.