Three’s 2010
Our year has started and the kiddos are growing with confidence and trust.  Many of these little treasures have learned the schedule of the day.  12:00 is an important part of your child’s daily inquires. They know you will return and gather them.  This helps to build their trust in you and me.  Our class will be hosting the Halloween party this year, on Friday evening, 10/22.  As host of this event All of our class families will need to help.
The 9:00 classes will be taking their first field trip on Tuesday, October 19th.  We will be going to Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch. Thank you to Amy Baksheeff for organizing the day.   Please look for the signup sheet, information & directions; or talk with your teacher.  We are scheduled to arrive at the pumpkin patch at 9:30. Every child is required to ride in a booster or car seat if they are attending.
Things that we will be exploring in the class room are:
Colors:   Orange and Black
Shape:  Circle
Language: Using our Imagination! Is it real or pretend? Bones why do we have them?
All staff and teacher/parents are asked to greet the kiddos and families as they arrive. Our task is to note one positive connection each week with two children in your class.
You, our parents/teachers are such a vital part of your child’s day and all of our kiddo’s day!  Thank you for working so hard and with great enthusiasm and openness to all of our kiddos.
It makes such a difference in our environment.
Always,   Teacher Brigidan