OCTOBER 2010                Three Year Old Class                   Teacher Brigidan

Theme/Focus:  Using our Imagination “Let’s Pretend”

Healthy Choices, Safe Choices

Parent Activities:  Family tree- Virt Pre K activity to be brought back to school.

Greeting each kiddo and complement two kiddos weekly. Find the Endearing qualities of each child.

Group/Stories/Music&Movement Art Experiences
OCTOBER  Three claps


Go Away Big Green Monsters

Where the Wild things are,

Listening story and follow.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Turn around.   This is a story about Sammy.

Pumpkins,  orange circles with our names. Black circles with spider webs,

play dough orange and black

Feet prints – Hand prints

Sensory touch and feel

Changes to the Environment:
Pumpkins and squashes
Leaves all the colors that they come in.
Change the Books
Food for snack, orange and black.
Pumpkin recipes
Face  and hand paint
Is it scary?
Special Skills: Learning what is real and what is pretend.  Masks / face painting to our hands and faces.

Covering our coughs and sneezes GERMS
Please move over,    STOP YOUR BODY

Literacy Math/Science Outside/Snack Program
Books related to Family

Fall and Halloween

Books are rotated monthly

Watch the weather, wind, sun, rain, fog   the branches move and wave,    
What clothes should we wear?          
Covering our sneezes with our arms and washing our hands and noses.                       
Counting from one to ten.
Rainy day activities,

Hop in and around the circles

Music and Rhythm

Loft play

Seasonal Food choices

Pumpkin Patch field trip

Observations/NotesLook at Desired Results Measures
1-2-3  Identity of self  * Social * 4-5  Building relationships with adults * Developing friendships * Cooperative play with other children
7.  Conflict negotiation   10.  Taking turns   11.  Shared space
12.  Comprehends meaning   14.  Expresses self through language
20-22-24   Number sense Counting * Shapes * Time *  34.  Gross motor movement    36.  Balance      37.  Personal care   38.  Personal safety
39.  Understanding healthy choices