OCT 2010    Teacher Liselle

Theme/Focus: Farm, Pumpkins, & Real vs. Pretend

Parent Activities: Prepare Family Tree and present it in class on your workday.


Pumpkin Pumpkin

Farm Counting Book

The Perfect Sheep

The Perfect Nest

Ten Little Rabbits

Where The Wild Things Are

Tracing Names

Taking Care of Books

Sounding out a,e,i,o,u

Where the Wild Things Are

I can do it (VPK)

Family Tree (VPK)

Cut and paste jack-o-lantern

Treasure box (torn art)

Writing names (upper & lower case letters)

Tracing Calendar


Cotton ball sheep

Changes to the Environment:

Themed books in quiet and reading areas: Where The Wild Things Are, Farmer’s Market, Barnyard Hullabaloo, The Cow Who Clucked, Away Went The Farmer’s Hat, Down on the Farm, When The Leaf Blew In, The Scarebunny, Apples and Pumpkins, Picking Apples and Pumpkins, From Seed to Pumpkin, The Lonely Scarecrow, The Treasure

Introducing the County Office of Education Virtual Pre-k to MNS.  Building a home-school connection

Special Skills:  Recognizing skills and accomplishments at school and at home, building positive relationships with peers and teachers, understanding and applying personal safety rules.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Come and Join Us

Where is (name of kiddo)

Where is Thumbkin

5 Little Monkeys Sitting on a Tree

How does a pumpkin feel? (cool, cold, slimy, slippery, gooey, smooth, bumpy, wet, dry, heavy, light, etc.)

Carving pumpkin

Counting Friends

Recognizing Colors/Shapes

Recognizing Shapes

October calendar

Apple Tasting (Red, Yellow, Green)

Apple Chart

School Rules: Role Play

STRONG WORDS: Please, Thank you, Stop your body, Help me please

Hi-5 for good helpers

Fieldtrip (Who, What, Where, When)

Costume Parade (Road safety)

Obstacle Course

Observations/NotesLook at Desired Results Measures DRDP 2010

2 Recognition of own skills and accomplishments

4 Impulse Control

5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 Building cooperative relationships with peers/adults & developing friendships

17, 18, 19 Interest in literacy, comprehension of text presented by adults, concepts of print

23, 24, 25 Comprehension of English, Self-expression in Engl, Understanding and response to Engl lit activities

27 & 30 Cause and effect, curiosity and initiative

32 & 34 Number sense of quantity & counting and classification

38 & 39 Gross motor movement & balance

40 Fine Motor Skills

41 & 43 Personal care routines & personal safety