Welcome new and returning families,

My name is Priscilla Paras-Huerta and I am the school’s nutrition board member. This is my 4th year here at MNS, my son Alonzo graduated in 2009 and my daughter Annalyn will be in Brigidan’s class this year. I chose MNS because I worked co-op for my sister when her kids were in preschool and I love the closeness and family like cooperation seen here. I feel very confident that my children are well cared for and their academics are nurtured. I am a certified Dietary Technician and currently hold a Food Safety certificate. I previously worked in hospitals managing the kitchen. My responsibility here includes writing the menus, ensuring families are fulfilling their snack obligations, food activities in the classrooms, and an occasional blog and recipe in the monthly newsletters. Feel free to come to me if you have any nutrition questions or need help in deciding what healthy snacks you will bring in for the children to enjoy. I look forward to another great year here working hand in hand with all of you.

Priscilla Paras- Huerta