We are all now fully in the swing of the frenetic activity of the new school year. Exciting things are happening and the holidays are fast approaching. On my way home from an Avon sales rally tonight I realized I was grumpy. “Peculiar”, I thought. Usually after and Avon meeting I’m more excited than ever to keep building my business. But tonight, grumpy. Stressed even.

I know what the disease is and I know what the prescription is.

It’s Overwhelmeditis and the cure is total shut down.

Okay sounds great so when is that going to happen?

Tonight. After I do a little catch up work, everything is going off: no computer, no cell phone, no tv, no radio, just silence, or at the very least, the sound of the wind in the trees out the window. Then I sit. Not in a comfy chair, not laying on my bed, but on my meditation cushion. I sit and I shut down.

It’s going to be a challenge to focus tonight so I think I’ll use a lit candle. I’m only going to look at the flame and release everything else. No worrying about what I need to do to get ready for tomorrow, remembering this permission slip or that check that needs to be mailed, only focusing on the candle flame. I may do it for an hour, I may only do it for five minutes, but I guarantee you, when I’m done, I won’t be grumpy anymore. More importantly, I’ll have had time just for me.

(Want to learn more about meditation? I can teach you what I’ve learned from my teachers and I have some great books you can borrow.)