Theme/Focus: Welcome to Millbrae Nursery School

Parent Activities: Introducing myself and my family.  Who am I?  Making Friends

You Look Funny

Clifford the Small Red Pup

Clifford Grows Up

Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Reading Names

Taking Care of Books

Sounding out a,e,i,o,u

Writing names (upper & lower case letters)

Crayons and Stencils


Family Portrait

Tracing Calendar

Sharing Family Tree (VPK)

Changes to the Environment:

Themed books in quiet and reading areas:

Franklin’s New Friend; a is for apple;

Straight Hair, Curly Hair; Sumi’s First Day of School Ever; The Hello, Goodbye Window; How Do Dinosaurs Go to School

Introducing the County Office of Education Virtual Pre-k to MNS.  Building a home-school connection

Special Skills:  Introducing myself and my family.   Getting to know each other.  Exploring school areas.  Establishing school rules.

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Where is (name of kiddo)

Dance-Name Freeze

Simon Says


Scavenger Hunt/I Spy

Counting Friends

Recognizing Colors

Recognizing Shapes

Playdough w/ Rolling pins

School/Friend Puzzles

Introducing the calendar

School Rules: Respect & Play Safely

Ask for help

STRONG WORDS: Please, Thank you, Stop your body, Help me please

School Tour

Observations/NotesLook at Desired Results Measures DRDP-R

1 Identity of self

3 Expressions of empathy

4, 5, & 6 Building cooperative relationships with peers/adults & developing friendships

8 Awareness in self and others

16 & 17 Curiosity and initiative & Engagement and Persistence

34 Gross motor movement

35 Fine Motor Skills

38 Personal safety