We’ve enjoyed Movie Night, “Ohana” Family Night, Silent Auction, Pasta Dinner/Art Sale, Nacho Night, Pumpkin Patch field trip, Halloween Party, Book Fair, Spring Party…to mention a few!!

Much appreciated is all the thought and work that goes into preparing these events.

Thank you to the teachers and staff for their compassion and creativity and encouragement, as we see our kiddos “learn through play.”

And thank you to all our MNS Families

I would also like to thank all who contributed this school year to the school’s newsletter. It has been great working with all of you!

Amy Maschio suggests checking out the website www.kidsbowlfree.com for some summertime fun.

Sherry Scardino would like to say thank you to all of you who helped with the Silent Auction

Have a great summer!

Susan Capilitan Miranda