I can’t believe the school year is over. It has gone by so fast! Can you see how much your little one has grown? It seems like just yesterday that Aidan was walking into his first day in Teacher Megan and Teacher Norma’s class, and Dylan was excited to meet his new Pre-K teacher, Teacher Liselle.

Summer is approaching and for many of us will be just as busy as the school year. But maybe we can take a few moments to sit down and reflect. Reflect on what has passed these past nine months. What has changed in your life? What has improved? What new things is your child doing now? What things did they learn this year at Millbrae Nursery School? What did YOU learn this year at Millbrae Nursery School?

Even though it’s not the beginning of the calendar year, I like to take the end of the school year to set some goals out of that reflection time. What do I want this summer for myself and my family? What are my business goals? My personal goals? My goals to enrich the lives of my family?

Now is the time to set these goals and make plans, while we are winding down one phase of our lives and beginning a new one. I wish you all a wonderful, full, enriching summer. For those families moving on, best wishes to you in your future endeavors, and to those remaining,

I look forward to seeing you next school year!

Sincerely, Heather