Sunday, June 6 at 1pm

Please join the fun at the San Bruno 70th Annual Posey Parade.

The theme this year is “Green Transportation and your Carbon Footprint”.

We will meet at school at 11am to decorate our group with FLOWERS.

Participants gather at 12:30pm for parade at Hensley Street in San Bruno.

We will keep you posted on any updated times and meeting locations.

Prep Days remaining are May 27, 3:30-5:30pm

If enough people are interested (3 or more) we can have a crafts evening to make textile crafts for the parade (felt hats and tie-dye clothes) I’d be very happy to show you how, and help with your projects. My available time slot is 6:30 -9:30, pretty much any day next week except Monday (Friday and Saturday might not be a good idea as the stuff needs to dry well) . The materials are not child-friendly and stain permanently, even brief interrupts at the wrong time will destroy the entire project, and kids are cranky past their bedtime, so I ask that these events have no children under 3 and no more than 1 child per participant. (I will not bring Leilani). Email me if you are interested.