May 18, 20, 25, 27 – 3:30 to 5:30

Come with your friends and kids for fun and exciting crafts afternoons to make your colorful, flowery outfits and decorations for the posy parade. Sign up for one or for all. We’ll have crafts for all age levels, 2 to adult. Paper and felt flowers, crowns, hats. There also will be tie-dying T-Shirts which is an activity mainly for adults.

Please bring some crafts material to share preferably reused or recycled: colored gift wrap tissue paper, flattened cereal boxes, colorful plastic bags, brown paper bags, toilett paper rolls, old calendars, leftover fabric or outgrown clothes to cut up (green or flowery colors / patterns), green pipe cleaners, plastic or silk flowers.

You can purchase T-Shirts for tie-dying from Maria or bring your own (I tie-dyed Leilani’s stained but otherwise good clothes…)

Be prepared to help with the cleanup afterwards.

I know everyone is looking forward to tie-dying, but for the first one (tomorrow, 5/18) I’d like to focus a lot more on low prep, low clean-up paper crafts, and only have one small area where mainly the adults do the tie-dying – I’d think no more than 3 or 4 at a time.
Remember, permanent dyes will stain anything.

So as if the post was still not long enough… I have prepared a few crafts, most with instructions. Among them:

  • For all ages: the paper crown (first picture in this post) handprint lilies, coffee filter flowers
  • For 3+ years old glittered cardstock cutout flowers and veggies (from cereal boxes, pretty easy to cut).
  • For 4+ Tissue paper rose (blue rose on photo above was made by Leilani)
  • For the 5+ year olds tissue paper carnation and felt anthuriums. The felt flowers are very easy, but most kid’s sissors don’t cut the felt.
  • Also, I have several straw hats to be decorated with flowers.
  • For the adults the tie-dying and felt hats