I will hold a free WordPress blog training Monday 5/17 at 5:30pm at my home. You can learn how to post to this MNS blog, or even your own blog. I estimate it will take about an hour, but at the latest it ends at 7:00pm, because of Leilani’s bedtime.

We will cover:

* Signing up, signing in, basic navigation on the administration panel
* Adding new posts, editing existing posts
* Uploading photos and media to blogposts
* Adding Youtube and other movies to blogposts
* Adding dates to the school calendar

If there are people who already completed the Basic training, or know the above already:

* Creating Photo Galleries
* Categories, excerpts, tags and SEO (if you stay awake)

I can accommodate up to 3 people, I have one PC and 2 Macs, or you can bring your laptop. Email me if you are interested – also email if you are interested and can’t make the date.

Let me know if you need to bring the kids. Maybe I can arrange for Andy to take care of them.

This is the last blog training until October, unless more than 3 people sign up (in that case I can also hold one the following week.