Do you remember the day it hailed in Millbrae? One windy Winter Friday outside in our yard, I noticed several kiddos frightened by the howling wind. Many people enjoy every minute of our outside time, (rain or shine.) Still, many kiddos, parents and teachers had hoods on which would not stay put, and many of us spent those windy days hunched over with our foreheads scrunched. It was as if we were mad that it was windy!

I looked in my car’s trunk, where I kept two kites, (just cause.) And I was determined to show the kiddos that we do not have to be afraid of or mad at the wind. My small kite flipped around and crashed so much that it broke, plus my big butterfly’s long tail got tangled as Teacher Megan and I tried to make it fly. The kiddos were curious to see a kite, and that diverted their attention from being scared, but crashing kites was not what I had in mind! Across the street, I saw a piece of paper fly off the ground and my determination was set. I thought, “something is going to be airborne today!”

Later on in the day, I tied a plastic bag with yarn with the pre-k kiddos and crossed my fingers that it would work, and tah-dah! It flew… Bag Kites were born! The look on the kiddos faces when they were able to fly their own kites was priceless. The sound of their giggles still rings in my ear today. For weeks, the kiddos asked if we could fly our Bag Kites!

Luckily, Amy Maschio-Baksheeff was able to capture some pictures on her phone, click here for more. It was so simple and environmentally friendly! Oh, and free! Try it sometime!

Teacher Liselle