Theme/Focus: St. Patrick’s Day, Spring time, Self

Parent Activities: Please help the kiddos practice speaking in full sentences.

  • Librarian Jenny
  • Tracing own names and recognizing them
  • Color of his own
  • The Crocodile and The Dentist
  • Silly Sally
  • You Look Funny

We also have the Lomita Leadership Group come out and read to us.

  • Shamrock with their name.
  • Making a clay pot
  • Sprouting Seeds in a pot
  • Green and Yellow paint
  • Rectangles
  • Kites
Changes to the Environment:
New Play dough
New Floor Art
New Books placed in our book areas.
Special Skills:  Tracing their name.

  • I’m a Little Teapot
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • Ring around the Rosey
  • Rainbow in a Jar
  • Color My Petals
  • Plant seeds
  • New Play dough
  • How to make a functioning kite.  What does the wind move
Stop Drop & Roll


Observations/NotesLook at Desired Results Measures 1 & 2 Identity of Self & Recognition of own skills and accomplishments
4 & 6 Building cooperative play with others
7 & 8 Conflict Negotiation & Awareness in self and others
16 & 17 Curiosity and initiative & Engagement and Persistence
19 & 20 Cause and Effect & Engages in Problem Solving
22 & 23 Number sense: quantity, counting and math operations
30-33 Letter & word knowledge, concept of print, phonological awareness
34 Gross motor skills
35 Fine Motor Skills