March 2010 Curriculum – Teacher Brigidan’s Class

Theme/Focus: SPRING Green – Healthy Choices, Safe Choices – Veggies and fruits

Parent Activities: Talk with your kiddo about the change in the environment and season.

Special Skills:

  • Using language in conversation. Following two step directions
  • Understanding quantity and counting
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Conflict Negotiation

Group/Stories/Music & Movement

  • I am a Little tea pot –
  • The Chicken Dance
  • The bunny hop
  • One potato, two potato, three potato … more.
  • Irish Tenors, Celtic instrumentals,
  • Calendar—New Month

Art Experiences

  • Green play dough
  • Dark green- light green
  • Pots of Gold-
  • Decorate shamrocks clovers
  • Mixing colors yellow-blue=?
  • First & Last name tracing-


  • I am a Little Tea Pot
  • The Itspy- Bitspy Spider
  • SPRING books
  • Bunny Hop- Why do rabbits hop?


  • Math: One to one correspondence- how high can you count?
  • Rectangles
  • Mixing of colors: Dark and Light.
  • Yellow & blue =?
  • Thin Mints growth
  • Change in the season

Outside/Snack Program

  • Watching the weather.
  • Exploring our environment and the change in season
  • New leaves & blossoms growing – planting seeds
  • Treasure hunts- inside and out
  • Healthy Choices
  • Veggies – Fruit

Changes to the Environment:

Change art work books – puzzles-

Observations/Notes: Look at Desired Results Measures

Identity of self 7. Conflict Negotiation 18. Memory and knowledge 19. Cause and Effect 22. Number sense: 24. Shapes 30. Letter and word knowledge 32. Concepts of print 33. Phonological awareness 35. Fine motor skills 39. Understanding healthy lifestyle

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