We are now Amazon.com affiliates and the school gets 4-6% commission on many things that you buy through the Amazon links on our website. So every time you want to buy something online and find it at Amazon.com, enter the item in the search box to the right. The school will get a small commission on anything you buy in your shopping cart that you clicked on after going through this link. Share the link to this page (https://www.millbraenurserycoop.org/2010/03/01/mns-amazon-com-store/) with your friends and family as well. The more referrals we have, the higher the commission we get on all the items.

Please use the search box below, or the one in the sidebar to the right.

Purchases of $50 or more that give us a commission of $2 or more count towards your fund raising total. To get proper fund raising credit, please inform Sonja or Carla of purchases though this portal. It is crucial that you include the purchase amount and date for us to match.

We are also in the process of opening an Amazon Store using the same principle. I have not gotten any feedback yet as to which items to put into the store, so it is still empty. In the meantime please use the search boxes above, or in the sidebar to the right. Later on anything you find in our store or through our store gives us a commission. This way, we can all suggest our favorite books, toys, products, etc. and when someone buys them in “our” store, we get the commission. For example, you could use this to make a birthday wish list for relatives to buy from. Please suggest books and other merchandise to Sonja.