MNS Teachers are very dedicated and have a knack for guiding children.  I am amazed again and again on how Teacher Brigidan, Liselle, Norma, and Megan are all consistently calm, warm, and relaxed whenever I see them.  They patiently listen to kids and encourage the sharing of ideas by all, either all morning or all afternoon.  They are respectful and insist on the same from everyone as they tirelessly remind the children to “use words” and to use “soft touches.”  I know that the kids are learning valuable social skills to get along with each other.  I know that the kids are getting consistent guidance on how to handle conflicts or difficult emotions.  Kids naturally know how to play and explore, but when it comes to being safe and respectful, that takes a lot of work and reminding by the adults, and in this area and in the area of making learning fun and making experiences new, the teachers and staff are pros! I feel so lucky that my son and I are surrounded by such nurturing, hardworking teachers and staff.  They have allowed and encouraged my son to blossom in many ways that has truly surprised me and made me proud (a topic for another day).  I too have learned a lot from the teachers.  They are inspiring mentors and have my most heartfelt thanks.

Lily Wang Harvey