Thanks to Lily for sponsoring this event at our preschool.
Thanks to I-Immersion Institute’s director, Alice Kuo, for putting together the presentation!

Lily also will try to find a corporate sponsor, so we can have a Chinese New Year’s Celebration at Millbrae Nursery Schools in years to come!

I-Immersion Institute Presents at the Millbrae Nursery School
on Tuesday, Feb 16th

Chinese New Year Show and Tell

There will be 2 presentations, the one for the morning class starts at 11:15, and the one for teacher Liselle’s class at 1pm. As I understand it even children who do not usually attend at this time are invited, but please check with Lily or your teacher before you bring your child. Please note that the table below has times for the morning class and the flyer below the afternoon schedule.

11:15-11:25 Welcome Song
11:25-11:40 The Zodiac Story with puppets
11:40-11:50 Happy New Year Song with Felt Board Images
11:50-12:00 Pass out red envelopes and Mandarin tangerines

Gong Xi Fa Cái!
Hóng Bao Ná Lái!

Somewhere in there, although not mentioned, there will be Lion Dancing.

Btw, in case you didn’t know, Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger) technically starts this Sun, Feb 14th; yes, it coincides with Valentines Day this year… So Happy Chinese Lunar New Year Everyone!

Lily Harvey