Amy organized a red cross disaster preparedness speaker on March 9th at 7:30 at the business meeting.

Thank you for your request for a preparedness course with the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter.


Organization name: Millbrae Nursery School-

Course name: Be Red Cross Ready, Community

Course date: 3/9/2010

Course time: 7:30 PM

Course language: English

Course location: Millbrae Nursery School

Contact person for questions or concerns: Please feel free to contact your course coordinator with any concerns or questions:

Julie Spund

Content: Key actions to prepare you and your loved ones for all types of disasters, such as earthquakes and fires. Learn how to make a disaster plan, assemble disaster supplies, and how to stay safe when disaster strikes. Some course components can be tailored further to meet the needs of your audience. Non-certificate course.

Instructor: We are currently identifying an instructor for your course and will contact you shortly before the course date with your instructor’s name.

Publicity: A publicity flyer template is attached to assist you with marketing the course as needed.

Materials: If you indicated that you can receive course materials by UPS, they should arrive a few days prior to the course. If they have not arrived within three days of the course, please contact your course coordinator.  For those with materials arriving in advance, please note that our presenters prefer to unpack the materials themselves; we would appreciate your leaving the box(es) intact until your presenter arrives.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you!

American Red Cross Bay Area, Preparedness & Youth Services Department