We ask board members, parents and staff members to please review the Millbrae Nursery School on the following sites:

Yellow Pages
Savysource (only if you have 1/2 hour, big survey)
Great Schools

Please pick one or more of the sites listed above, if you don’t have an account create one and in the review point out our strengths while making it truthful. (Call me if you need help 650-871 7449). Please do not review anonymously, or misrepresent yourself. And please, for grievances see the teachers or board members first 🙂

Especially yelp has a lot of rules under which reviews are deleted or hidden, a few that I know are: You need to log in to your yelp account and review occasionally – after a few weeks to months a 1-review account will be deleted. Do not have 2 or more super positive reviews in a row. They will be hidden, and you won’t get a new chance to review the businesses for a while.