I am happy and excited to present the new website and blog.

The content of the old website has been copied over, refreshed, and reviewed by my husband Andy, who is a technical writer. The blog lets us post event photos and share stories and updates.

Every parent who is interested can add articles or photos directly to the blog. Let me know if you are interested, I can set up an account and teach you how to do it. I’d like to hold a general class on Blog usage.

We should make 1 blogpost per week for a good Google rating. So far we have exceeded this goal every week, giving us #1 rank in google (above local.yahoo and above yelp) for preschool millbrae, “millbrae preschool” and #3 for preschools Millbrae and millbrae daycare (working on it…) also need to work on “preschool millbrae”

I consider the site finished now, but things I think really should be done are:

  • I need input about the Admissions and Registration content so we can make it clearer
  • Photos for the main website (got some from Amy, took some myself but more are appreciated)

It would be nice to have:

  • Bio for Carla
  • Photos of teachers and Carla
  • Directory of parents’ businesses
  • Photos of current events, parties, activities or trips (for the blog)
  • Everyday school and play yard photos (for the blog and the website)
  • Links: your own or favorite websites to share with others
  • If you have a website of your own, personal or business, create links to www.millbraenurserycoop.org

Ongoing needs:

  • Items to go on the Wishlist post – or to be removed from that
  • Newsletters and newsletter items for the blog
  • Suggestion, input and ideas about the new website. To best reach me: Comment on this blog post or email sonja@wailuaweb.com or by phone 650-871-7449 or Kass Pre-K file

Things I will do in the near future:

  • Monthly blog posts about the schools history history
  • Add Carla to the staff page
  • Research ways to integrate networking into the blog (possibly social networking addon to the blog)
  • Take more photos for website, put galleries on main site (parent’s request) I’d still love to get your photos
  • Add a few school emails …@millbraenurserycoop.org and forward them to your usual email address (staff, info, webmaster)
  • Take photos of teachers and staff who don’t provide them 🙂
  • Add some links to our List of Donors or Sponsors, but I need to research some technicalities here (linkfarm). Maybe only link to donors of $100 or more?

Other Computer Issues and Solutions (it gets technical here…):

We moved the hosting it away from Dreamhost to my regular hosting provider 1and1, due to continued technical difficulties that Dreamhost is experiencing. I checked in google, the site sped up by an average factor of 4. Dreamhost had problems with their SQL servers and I spent a lot of time figuring out the problem, they fixed it twice, but there were new slowdowns. I got the domain millbraenurseryschool.org back from a (nice enough) cybersquatter (as a Christmas gift I think) and consolidate Domain Registration (millbraenurserycoop.org from dreamhost, millbraenurseryschool.org from enomcentral into a godaddy account. I also closed the dreamhost account saving the school $20 per month.