In 1938, a group of mothers and fathers desired a rich and meaningful play and learning experience for their preschool children. Millbrae Nursery School was born. The fledgling school bore no physical resemblance to our school as it is today, but its ideals provided then, as they do now, a safe and attractive place where a child finds equipment for active play and where books and creative media for quiet play are available to his curious and expressive nature. A child learned then, as now, to use his body; to cope with his own feelings and emotions; to get along with others; to satisfy his curiosity; to widen his experience; to accept limitations; to communicate with others; to grow in self-confidence and self-reliance.

The school has reached its 70th year of serving children and families and is going strong with three classes. The school is constantly changing to meet the needs of the children and their parents. Extended care is available for working parents and for other parents in the school who need it on an occasional basis.

Millbrae Nursery School provides you with an opportunity to share a wonderful experience with your child. You can enrich your life as your child enriches theirs; sharing their education during the formative years when parent participation really makes a difference in the development of their character. The families involved in Millbrae Nursery School continue to experience a rich and meaningful play and learning experience for their children, as well as support and learning experiences for themselves. Millbrae Nursery School truly enbodies a place where everyone can grow and learn.