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Pre-K Carwash

CarwashI always admire the skill building activities activities our teachers come up with. One hot day in June, on my workday we had a “carwash” – all tricycles, cars, ride-on toys and other vehicles were washed by the preschoolers.

It was a real low-work day for the working parents, all the kids were so busy and fascinated by this new activity. The children worked so well in teams and they stayed surprisingly dry too.

If you think about it, there is so much the kids can learn from this fun activity. Teamwork, sharing, taking care of and being responsible for their own needs and their own stuff, cleaning. Just like out motto: Learning Through Playing!

And it wasn’t just that the kiddos loved it – everything was sparkly clean at the end.

Pre-K Carwash June 10

Kids photographing Kids

Leilani took her camera to school and shared it freely. I took a few, a few photos, elementary school aged kids took a few, but almost all of the photos were taken by the Millbrae Nursery School preschoolers, the Pre-K class. I am a little sad, this was one of their last days together, this fall most of them will be in Kindergarten

Most of the photos were taken in the beautiful and spacious playyard, it is the biggest playground I have ever seen at a school. I always admire how happy the children look, this is especially true if they are taking pictures of each other, and no adult prompts them to “smile for the camera”.

That was among the photos, I thought it makes a good alternate title for this post. “What I See”

Playing a ball game

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Summer School – Summer Camp

MNS has a great summer program for preschoolers and kindergarten aged children.

Each year we begin accepting applications March 1st until classes are full.  For families who are interested in attending please submit an application,  if enough interest is generated we will have a second class.

These photos are from previous summer sessions.

Summer 2009

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Kite flying at Millbrae Nursery School

Today Teacher Liselle and the children made kites from yarn and plastic bags. They not only had a great time flying their homemade kites in the spring wind, but also learned an important lesson about recycling materials.

Posted by Amy Maschio-Baksheeff

Last Photo by Sonja

Why We Like Our New School.

Leilani has been attending Millbrae Nursery School since July, and all of us love it.

Although our previous preschool was very expensive and prestigious, Leilani had cried often about not wanting to go, now it is the opposite, I have a hard time getting her home.

The playground is awesome. Indoors, additionally to the educational toys there are dolls, plastic dinosaurs and animals as well as trains; There is dressup and pretend play, free play, creative play, and after having had Leilani in a school for a year that did not have any of these makes me really appreciate the difference. Leilani loves the loft area, a special area that gets opened occasionally, they climb up on the ladder, and play with the “special” toys that are up there.

The teachers are all super nice. They know all the names of kids and family, and they work with kids socially and teach them not to only play with their friends and within their cliques, but also play with others. I am so impressed how they work with behaviorally challenged kids and integrate them within a short time, I could not believe the change in behavior I have seen in at least 2 kids within a short time.

Leilani made huge progress, her communication and conversation skills I find impressive, she shows much more empathy and is able to listen longer (unless of course we preach or lecture her…). She writes her name in upper and lower case letters, and now starts reading the regular way. She does beautiful artwork, drawing, painting, that was an area she had regressed so much in within the previous year, and I am so happy that she developed that interest again.

I was a little scared of the co-op experience at first, but it is a real community, and very enjoyable, and educational for the parents. Leilani loves my workday, then I am teacher Sonja, and I often get to do art projects with the kids, that’s a lot of fun for me almost as much as for the kids.