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Housekeeping Party K-Z Families

From Noraleen, our Housekeeping Board Member

K-Z Families please attend the Housekeeping Party on October 9th, 2010 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

  • It’s a requirement for each MNS Family.
  • Working together as a group is a core value of being a co-op.
  • The more people who show up on time, the more we accomplish and the faster we get home.
  • Keeping our school clean for our children and ourselves is important.

Look out for reminder flyers in your file folders and/or an Evite to follow.

Our school year is coming to an end.

Our school year is coming to an end. There has been so much growth in these kiddos! We, the Staff, have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch their growth.

The teachers are very busy finishing up their work for the school year and we/I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our families for their commitment to our school and your child’s first educational experience. It is because of your work that we are able to continue striving to be a great program.

It is always hard to say goodbye; sadly, a few board members will be graduating out of our school and off to Elementary. I would like to thank them for the work that they have done.

Deborah Hesse – Purchaser and caregiver to our rabbits and chicken. She has kept our pantry well stocked and has been devoted to the care of our animals!

Jennifer Hoskins – Financial Clerk: She kept our extended care billing in great order, and has worked at all of our fundraising events.

Sherry Scardino – Fundraising Chair: managed our many fundraising events, most recently the Silent Auction. It was a successful and fun evening.

Susan Miranda– Publicity; posted and organized our newsletter and social events to help keep you informed.

Thelma Hernandez– Secretary: Kept the minutes for our board and business meetings.

Katarine Amaral-Carneiro– Housekeeping; she kept our school looking clean and fresh. Helping to preserve a clean place for our children to learn.

Juan Becerra– Maintenance: He has kept our school safe and repaired. Keeping our school a safe place for our children to play.

They all have done an amazing job. The Staff, Board members and I thank you!

We couldn’t have done it with out your commitment.


I hope all of you have an opportunity to come back and visit us. We love to hear about the new changes in your life.

Always, Teacher Brigidan

Board Members Needed…

We are still searching for a few new board members for next year.

  • Financial Clerk and Treasurer
  • Special Events Coordinator
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • San Mateo Council of Parent Participatory Nursery Schools Representative: ASAP
  • Housekeeping Officer

Please read the descriptions of board member positions, and sign up in the entry hallway if you’re interested.

Millbrae Nursery School Sibling Policy

Millbrae Nursery School has the best sibling policy of all preschools in San Mateo County, siblings can be brought to parent’s workdays with very few exception. Read the entire policy that is  also found in the handbook here:

Siblings under two (2) years of age will be allowed at no charge when the following guidelines are met:

  1. The attendance of the child has been arranged with the teacher or Admissions Coordinator prior to the parent’s workday.
  2. Only one (1) child under the age of two(2) will be allowed per class session.
  3. For the safety of all children, the sibling must be supervised by his or her parent while the parent accomplishes their assigned workday duties.
  4. The State adult:child ratio must be maintained.

Siblings two (2) years or over will be allowed when the following guidelines are met:

  1. The attendance of the child has been arranged with the Director prior to his or her attendance.
  2. The child must be between the ages of two (2) and six (6).
  3. The child will be billed at the drop in extended care rate.
  4. The child’s care and safety will be the responsibility of Millbrae Nursery School.


If you are doing a workday for pay you will only be able to bring one (1) child who is currently enrolled in the school program with you on that workday. NO siblings less than 2 years or over 7 years will be allowed to accompany you on a paid workday.

Why We Like Our New School.

Leilani has been attending Millbrae Nursery School since July, and all of us love it.

Although our previous preschool was very expensive and prestigious, Leilani had cried often about not wanting to go, now it is the opposite, I have a hard time getting her home.

The playground is awesome. Indoors, additionally to the educational toys there are dolls, plastic dinosaurs and animals as well as trains; There is dressup and pretend play, free play, creative play, and after having had Leilani in a school for a year that did not have any of these makes me really appreciate the difference. Leilani loves the loft area, a special area that gets opened occasionally, they climb up on the ladder, and play with the “special” toys that are up there.

The teachers are all super nice. They know all the names of kids and family, and they work with kids socially and teach them not to only play with their friends and within their cliques, but also play with others. I am so impressed how they work with behaviorally challenged kids and integrate them within a short time, I could not believe the change in behavior I have seen in at least 2 kids within a short time.

Leilani made huge progress, her communication and conversation skills I find impressive, she shows much more empathy and is able to listen longer (unless of course we preach or lecture her…). She writes her name in upper and lower case letters, and now starts reading the regular way. She does beautiful artwork, drawing, painting, that was an area she had regressed so much in within the previous year, and I am so happy that she developed that interest again.

I was a little scared of the co-op experience at first, but it is a real community, and very enjoyable, and educational for the parents. Leilani loves my workday, then I am teacher Sonja, and I often get to do art projects with the kids, that’s a lot of fun for me almost as much as for the kids.