First Day of School

Our first day at school was a success.  The children had so much fun playing and learning with old and new friends.


School Photo Days

Wednesday, September 26th  (10am-3pm)
& Thursday, September 27th (9am-3pm)

Dear MNS Families,

Dear Families,

This is the second year our school is fortunate enough to have our kiddos be photographed by an amazing photographer, Sheila Krakow.  Our playground is used as the backdrop and our kiddo’s personalities highlighted with every shot.  Not only are Sheila’s prices recession approved, our dollars are stretched even further since 40% of the Class Photo sales will go towards our Fundraising Accounts.  Once again, we are looking forward to Sheila capturing our beautiful kiddos during this precious time.  (Samples of Sheila’s photos are displayed in the Big Class room).

Please click here to view/print the order form

Thank you for your support,

Fundraising Team


End Of Year Party and Barbecue

Another “Better Late Than Never” post… enjoy the gallery below.

End Of Year Party and Barbeque

Pre-K Graduation

This post is a little late… but better late than never.

Enjoy the gallery of Pre-K graduation below.

2010 Pre-K Graduation

And a little video… the kids were so cute as they performed “The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

Thanks to everyone for all the work that went into the celebration!

Pre-K Carwash

CarwashI always admire the skill building activities activities our teachers come up with. One hot day in June, on my workday we had a “carwash” – all tricycles, cars, ride-on toys and other vehicles were washed by the preschoolers.

It was a real low-work day for the working parents, all the kids were so busy and fascinated by this new activity. The children worked so well in teams and they stayed surprisingly dry too.

If you think about it, there is so much the kids can learn from this fun activity. Teamwork, sharing, taking care of and being responsible for their own needs and their own stuff, cleaning. Just like out motto: Learning Through Playing!

And it wasn’t just that the kiddos loved it – everything was sparkly clean at the end.

Pre-K Carwash June 10

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