Pre-K May Curriculum

Theme/Focus: Animals that live in the water and rhyming words.

Parent Activities: Provide a sign that says your kiddos’s whole name. Incorporate games to your family time together.

Special Skills: Writing names with upper and lower case letters. Using full sentences in conversation. Participating in activities from the beginning to the end.

VISITOR: Story Teller Olive

Letter Bingo

Combining three letters


An Extraordinary Egg

Fidgety Fish

Commotion in the Ocean


The Gas We Pass


White board

Cutting along a line

Writing names (upper & lower case letters)

Red, green, and white triangles

Mother’s Day Gifts


Turtle Shell Collage

Rainbow Fish


Dance Freeze

Instrument Parade (Friendship March)


If You’re Angry and You Know It!

Under The Sea (Little Mermaid song)

Slippery Fish

Number Bingo

Checking on our seeds (Are there sprouts?) 2nd try. What happened to our seeds?

Ten Little Fish

Bead Patterning


Car and Toy Wash

Dress for weather (Why do we need sunscreen?)

Fire drill

Traffic Signs

Making fresh tortillas

It’s Much Too Hot!

Dressing for the Weather

Lucky Glasses

Changes to the Environment:

Themed books in quiet and reading areas

Whales Passing, I Wonder Why Fish Don’t Drown, I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean, The Shark Who Was Afraid Of everything, A House For Hermit Crab, Ellen And The Goldfish, Baby Whale’s Journey, Swimmy, The Rainbow Fish, Under the Sea

Observations/Notes: Look at Desired Results Measures

1 & 2 Identity of Self & Recognition of own skills and accomplishments

7 & 8 Conflict Negotiation & Awareness in self and others

16 & 17 Curiosity and initiative & Engagement and Persistence

19 & 20 Cause and Effect & Engages in Problem Solving

22 & 23 Number sense: quantity, counting and math operations

30-33 Letter & word knowledge, concept of print, phonological awareness

35 Fine Motor Skills

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